The Plan sets out the vision and framework for housing, infrastructure and land for employment growth for the next 15 years, based on current government policies. Once adopted, all planning applications will be determined against the Plan.

The Plan was approved by the Cabinet & the Full Council during July and will shortly go to public consultation as the next stage in the approval process.

The full plan is available on the link below:

The relevant document for Yatton Keynell is – Rural Settlement Housing Requirement Distribution Methodology

Yatton Keynell is part of – Local Service Centres and Large Villages (LSC – LV) within the Chippenham Rural Housing Market Area (CRHMA). The total requirement between 2020 & 2038 in the CRHMA is 2,460 homes. This has been allocated 1,542 (62.7%) to LSC-LV & 918 (37.3%) elsewhere.

The LSC & LV currently has 10,781 properties, the village of Yatton Keynell is assessed as having 286 properties (see below) 3% of the total, which gives an initial requirement of 41 houses which is reduced to 39 houses required as there is a surplus elsewhere. Of the 39 we have provided 37 already leaving a balance of 2 and therefore for all practical purposes no further developments are anticipated in the village in the period to 2038

The 37 delivered to date are the 30 in the previous Housing Plan (which is in fact 31 at Drovers Green) & 7 properties in Phillips Grove.

It is worth noting that the barn conversions at Broomfield Farm will deliver 3 properties (approved after the plan cut off date) although these are not part of the LSC-LV pot.

Note: The 286 properties refers to the properties within the settlement boundary on the attached document, the Parish consists of circa 395 properties in total which includes all the outlying areas.