NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Wiltshire Council has made an Order to close temporarily to all traffic the following roads:

(a) Monks Lane/ The Ridge, Corsham; from its junction with Linleys to its junction with Rough Street. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via Rough Street – Dicketts Road –Prospect/ Broadstone/ Linleys and vice versa.

(b) Brockleaze/ Locks Cross, Neston; from its junction with Rough Street to its junction with Wadswick Lane. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via Church Rise – Leafield Road –Elley Green – Lypiatt – Rough Street and vice versa.

(c) Wadswick Lane/ Wadswick (Part)/ Chapel Plaister, Corsham and Box; from its junction with Church Rise, Neston to its junction with Bradford Road, Hawthorn, Box. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via Church Rise Neston – Moor Barton/ Moor Green,Neston – Westwells Road – Bradford Road, Hawthorn, Box and vice versa.

(d) Boxfields/ Quarry Hill, Box; from its junction with Leafy Lane, Corsham to its junction with Bulls Lane, Box. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via Leafy Lane – A4 Box Hill/London Road, Box – Bargates and vice versa.

(e) C160 (Part) Mountain Bower, North Wraxall; from its junction with Fosse Way to its junction with Maggs Farm crossroads. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via C71 Fosse Way to C175 North Wraxall and vice versa.

(f) C160 (Part) Castle Combe and North Wraxall; from its junction with C151 Castle Combe Road, Castle Combe to its junction with Fosse Way. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via C151 Castle Combe Road – A420 Ford – The Shoe, Fosse Way, North Wraxall and vice versa.

(g) Biddestone Lane/ Yatton Road (Part), Yatton Keynell and Biddestone; from its junction with The Street, Yatton Keynell to its junction with A420 Bristol Road.ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via A420 – B4039 and vice versa.

(h) Yatton Road (Part), Biddestone; from its junction with A420 Bristol Road to its junction with Cuttle Lane, Biddestone. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via A420 Bristol Road – Giddeahall – Cuttle Lane and vice versa.

(i) C167 Tytherton Lucas village, Bremhill; from its junction with Maud Heaths Causeway, East Tytherton to its junction with Stanley Lane, Stanley. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via Maud Heaths Causeway – Wick Hill – Bremhill Road – Bencroft Hill, Bremhill and vice versa.

(j) C72 Grittleton Road/ The Street/ Fosse Way, Grittleton; from its junction with Summer Lane, Littleton Drew to its junction with Surrendell, Hullavington. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE via Leigh Delamere – Kington St Michael – Allington Lane/ Fowlswick Lane, Allington – B4039 Yatton Keynell/ Castle Combe – The Gibb and vice versa.

To enable: Wiltshire Council to carry out carriageway resurfacing works.This order will come into force on Monday 28th July 2011, however it is anticipated that the works will take no more than 1-2 days to complete between 28th July 2011 and 12th August2011. As resurfacing works are weather dependant information boards reflecting advance information of dates will be displayed on site. The Order will have a maximum duration of 18 months.For further information regarding these works please contact Mr S Price on 01225 756600.Ref: A3/JJC/11/13Sustainable Transport Group, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge BA14 8JN21st July 2011