Tom's Fantastic Floating Home

7pm Sunday 27th July – Channel 4

Born and raised in Yatton Keynell during the 1980s and 1990s, Tom Lawton now lives with his family in Malmesbury and is a serial inventor and innovator.

Last summer Tom took a few months out of his regular work to build a Fantastic Floating Home for Channel 4 Factual Entertainment.

Tom’s Fantastic Floating Home is my first TV commission and while I’ve never really striven to be on the telly it’s amazing what can happen in life when you say YES to things that normally you wouldn’t dream of. All I want is to inspire people to dare to dream, to live a colourful, unconventional life that’s fuelled by imagination – the premise of the show is that I look at the world through the eyes of my six year old Barney (who is the show’s real star) and together we put our own inventive twist on life. We’re only here once and life really is what you make it.

Catch Tom starting 7pm, Sunday 27th July on Channel 4