Dear Cllr Wayman,

Paris Steward Scheme

At our recent Parish council meeting we discussed the revitalised Parish Steward scheme and wish to say how satisfied we are with the excellent service that is now being provided.

The Parish Stewards, as you know, were only been revived about 18 months ago but in that time general environment around the Parish has improved markedly thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Steward. The Parish Steward is one of the few public faces of Wiltshire Council in a rural community and many residents are pleased to see him around the Parish, hard at work and making such a valued contribution to the community.

This reintroduction has been a great success of which Wiltshire Council can justifiably be proud and long may it continue.
Yours sincerely



Ian J Plowman
Clerk to Yatton Keynell Parish Council

cc Cllr Baroness J Scott of By Brook OBE