2015 Metrocount Speed Results

Results of a Metrocount traffic survey conducted in the village from 1st to 10th July 2015, as requested by Yatton Keynell Parish Council in reponse to concerns raised about traffic speeds.


  1. The Street, Nr Alexander House
  2. The Street, Nr John Aubrey Close
  3. The Street, Nr The Bell Inn

Data is available for each location, in each direction and combined.

85% speed refers to The speed at or below which 85% of all vehicles are observed to travel under free flowing conditions past a nominated point. More details on 85% speed.



LocationMean Speed (mph)85% Speed (mph)
Alexander House (North)31.736.7
Alexander House (South)32.837.8
Alexander House (Combined)32.337.4
John Aubrey Close (North)28.936.0
John Aubrey Close (South)30.036.5
John Aubrey Close (Combined)29.536.2
The Bell Inn (North)27.432.4
The Bell Inn (South)27.131.5
The Bell Inn (Combined)27.332.0


Advice from Wiltshire Council is that due to the nature of the results, the next step would be to put in place a Community Speedwatch team and that without that in place, it is unlikely that Wiltshire Council would consider other measures.

Full data sets are available on request from Yatton Keynell Parish Council.