Yatton Keynell Parish Council
Monday 5th OCTOBER 2020

Present: Cllr A Parker (Chair), Cllr C Grainger, Cllr M Green, Cllr. F. Plowman, Cllr M Pope, Cllr S Richards, Cllr D Towl, Cllr M Woodcock, Unitary Cllr Philip Whitehead & Ian Plowman (Clerk).
The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) came in to force on 4 April. The 2020 Regulations enable local councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing) until 7th May 2021.




Minutes of the Meetings – 7th September 2020 – Signed by: Cllr A. Parker

Cllr Towl reported that he had contacted Bybrook School and they have expressed an interest in being involved in a project monitoring the pond, meeting with School head to be arranged.
Footpath YK9 replacement of stile, Cllr D Towl has scheduled work with the Cotswold Wardens and will order the gate.
Litter bin outside the shop, as Wiltshire Council contractor (Idverde) have failed to quote, bin will be procured direct from supplier.
Cllr Parker confirmed that there will be no Luncheon Club event at The Bell Inn this Christmas due to current restrictions.
Book Exchange – Cllrs Grainger & Pope agreed to take on keeping phone box tidy.
Gigalclear are holding a virtual meeting (9th October) to launch their Biddestone project which also covers parts of the PC area (Giddeahall, West Yatton & Long Dean), Clerk to contact Gigaclear to get an update on when work will be completed in Yatton Keynell.

19/01490/FUL – 31 Houses – Land to the East of Farrells Field.
The various questions raised at last month’s meeting have been answered and circulated.

Councillors discussed the reasons for the original call in and concluded that they have been satisfied as set out below and a call in will serve no further purpose:

Scale of Development: The applicant has reduced the number of properties from 38 to 31 which is in line with the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan.

Visual Impact: Wiltshire Council Urban Design Officer has required substantial changes to be made to the appearance and the materials used to make the development more in keeping with a rural village setting. Original hedgerow on boundary with B4039 is to be retained.

Design: As outlined above the various layout changes have made the development acceptable.

Parish Council Residual Observations: Whilst the majority have been satisfied remaining issues can be dealt with by negotiation or planning condition. The remaining areas of concern that the Parish Council are:

Heating systems – The Parish Council believe that there should be no identifiable
differences between Open Market & Affordable houses, therefore preferably there should be
one common heating system which given the current climate change policies, should
preferably be Air Source Heat Pumps (AHSP). It is acknowledged that there may be supply
issues in sourcing AHSP in sufficient volumes, nevertheless the applicant, in discussions
has, undertaken to keep this in mind.

Electric Vehicle charging points – Paragraph 110(e) of the National Planning Policy
Framework requires the developments be designed to enable charging of plug-in
and other ultra-low emission vehicles in safe, accessible and convenient
locations. The Parish Council therefore requests that any approval of this application be
conditional on ducting and cabling of sufficient rating being provided to enable the
convenient installation of one EV charging point for each property This especially includes
all houses that have allocated parking remote from the property.

B4039 Speed Limit – The Parish Council notes that the applicant has offered to fund any
changes to the speed limit on the B4039 as a consequence of the provision of the access
road (Transport Statement Para 4:15 refers). The parish Council strongly supports the 30
mph speed limit being extended as far as possible along the B4039 in the direction of the
A420 and to include the hamlet of Tiddleywink.

Ecology – The Parish Council notes that there remains a difference of opinion between the applicant’s ecology consultant and Wiltshire Council’s Ecology Officer regarding the ecological balance of the site and the need for various surveys to be updated. Councillors would hope that the replanting of the hedge that was illegally removed in June 2019 by the applicant will be included in any agreement on ecology.

SUDS – In accordance with Wessex Waters submission of 31 March 2020, it is noted
That ‘The local authority must be satisfied with the maintenance and management
arrangements for the offline attenuation feature.’

Public Open Spaces – There has been no offer by the applicant to fund the adoption of
the Public Open Spaces and in the light of the extent and complexity of these spaces within
the development, it is considered, on further reflection, that these would be best maintained
by a site management company appointed by the developer. The Parish Council would
undertake to maintain the grass verges and trim the hedge along the B4039 outside the boundary of the development.

Road Adoption and Street Lighting – It is the Parish Council’s understanding from discussions with the Applicant that as it is intended that the access road is adopted by Wiltshire Council and therefore a street lighting scheme approved by Wiltshire Council will need to be agreed.

It was unanimously agreed to request that Unitary Cllr Philip Whitehead withdraw the call in.

Two payments were authorized, cheques to be circulated for signature:
I J Plowman – Clerk Salary September & postage – £237.35 – Cheque No. 101186

J Bruce Scott – Village Maintenance – July £624.24 – Cheque No. 101187

Cllrs agreed to renew annual membership of CPRE – £36.00.
Cllrs approved expenditure of £240.00 for J Bruce Scott to repair the 4 small planters.

Clarkes Leaze play area Councillors agreed to start planning a refurbishment and to utilize the remaining Solar Fund money (£6,697) and the pending CIL money due from Phillips Grove development (£3,321) to fund the project. Cllrs Parker, Plowman & Richards to progress.

Grass cutting Cllr Grainger queried the areas included – Clerk will circulate map of areas cut by Wiltshire Council.
Waste & Recycle bins – it was noted that a property on Grittleton Road keeps their bins at the entrance to their driveway, as they are not blocking the highway there is nothing the Parish Council can do.

Meeting Closed 20:00
Next meeting: Monday 2nd November 2020