Yatton Keynell Parish Council

Present: Cllr A Parker (Chair), Cllr C Grainger, Cllr M Green Cllr. F. Plowman, Cllr S Richards, Cllr M Woodcock, Unitary Councillor N Botterill & I. Plowman (Clerk).
Public Gallery – 26

1.PUBLIC GALLERY – Re Planning Application for a parking are in Long Dean
Open meeting held to discuss planning application PL/2021/10745 Creation of a parking area off C164 in Long Dean. The applicant Mr. J Milner of Wild Carrot Ltd was invited to address the meeting outlining the background to the business and the purpose of the application. He stated the purpose of acquiring the land was to return it to active woodland management and thereby promote improvements in biodiversity which would, in turn, be of value to scientific research. In his opening remarks, Mr. Milner stated (and subsequently at the request of the Chairman categorically confirmed) that the woodland and field would not be commercialised and used for any tourist related activities now, or in the future. The meeting noted that Cllr Botterill has already called the application in for determination by members of the Wiltshire Council Planning Committee should officers be minded to recommend approval. At the time of the meeting the responses from other statutory consultees are awaited. At the time of the meeting many objections had already been submitted to Wiltshire Council including an objection from Castle Combe Parish Council.
The public gallery were invited to make their contributions which fell into the following broad categories:
the irrevocable damage the car park will do to the natural, unspoiled beauty of the location which draws many walkers, riders and cyclists to this area of the AONB;
the need to preserve and protect the tranquil beauty spots such as the Long Dean area;
the damage to local protected flora eg. bluebells;
the size of the car park is disproportionate to and unjustifiable in the context of the planned operations as described in the application;
the lack of any engineering/structural detail concerning the platform and in particular the arrangements for access to and from the C164;
the meeting noted that Mr Milner was unable to clarify the types of vehicles and frequency of their visits.
However, it was noted that in his statements he acknowledged that these would be heavier than the indicated ‘lightweight vehicles’ mentioned in the application and could be closer to the 7.5 tonne limit applying to the road.

The Chairman pointed out that there were a number of inconsistencies within the application:
the applicant was requested to supply to the Parish Council the Woodland Management plan associated with the felling licence granted by the Forestry Commission;
there appears not to be a current detailed ecology report covering the particular area which is the subject of the application;
that a different version of the Preliminary Ecology Report commissioned for application PL/2021/04451 and referred to in this application had been submitted to Wiltshire Council. Mr Milner was asked to ensure that the correct ecology report had been submitted to Wiltshire Council and without redactions beyond those necessary to conform to data protection legislation;
that a supplementary Ecology Report submitted as part of the application in which the report dated 10th August 2021 states:- Following on from the Preliminary Ecological Assessment issued in March 2021 looking at a woodland block close to Castle Combe at Grid Reference ST 84851 75953 with a view to erecting a woodland workshop. This was approved and now there is a new application for an access track to facilitate access to this building. Mr Milner was asked whether there would be a further application covering this new track. He categorically stated that the track referred to was the one already covered in application PL/2021/04451.
It was also noted that Mr Milner stated that he had not received any communication from the Byways Officer in connection with planned works associated with application PL/2021/04451. Unitary Cllr Botterill to investigate the matter.
The Open section of the meeting closed at 20:10 and the majority of the public gallery left.
The Parish Council meeting was reconvened after a short break:
A member of the public asked;
that the proposal previously submitted to the CATG to move the 30mph on the Grittleton Road back to the Easton Piercy lane be revived.
that the level of the road surface at the entrance to Phillips Grove is corrected and drainage issues resolved. Clerk confirmed that this has already been reported to Wiltshire Council.

None required.

Cllr M Pope & Cllr D Towl

Minutes of the Meeting –6th December 2021 – approved & signed by – Cllr F Plowman (Vice Chairman) as Cllr A. Parker’s right hand is currently bandaged.

YKEY5 Footpath Cllr D Towl reported via email that he was meeting one of the landowners to discuss the plans.
Pond Project – Cllr Towl reported via email that there was nothing to report.

PL/2021/10745 – Quarry Plantation Long Dean – Creation of off road parking area.
Councillors discussed the application as amplified during the open discussion and unanimously agreed that a strong objection should be lodged.
In particular it was concluded that this project was essentially a vanity project with no commercial or amenity benefits. Furthermore the construction of a carpark would destroy the landscape and ecology in an area which is a timelessly unspoiled antiquity within the AONB and is surrounded by a number of adjacent conservation areas and SSIs. The area is enjoyed not only by local residents but many walkers using the various public rights of way and the C164.
The Parish Council believes that the woefully inadequate plans for the access arrangements render this application undeliverable and for this reason alone the application should be rejected forthwith.
A holding objection is to be lodged to be followed by a fully detailed response.
PL/2021/11583 – The Paddocks Old School Gardens – Erection of Detached Garage – No Objection, subject to planning condition that garage is not converted to habitable accommodation in the future.
PL/2021/06100 Proposed Solar Farm – No updates.

One payment was approved – I J Plowman – £248.04 – Clerk Salary December – Cheque No. 101225
Precept & Budget, Clerk had circulated a budget proposal for 2022/23 which will increase the Band D Charge from £38.84 to £40.00 increase of £1.16 (2.99%). The Precept received will increase by £387 to £14.862 as the number of equivalent Band D properties has decreased from 372.67 to 371.56. Proposed Budget accepted unanimously.
Village Maintenance it was agreed to accept the tender submitted by JCB-S Garden Maintain Ltd at a budgeted cost of £7,315 pa for the three year period 2022 to 2024 annual inflation increase of 2% pa to be applied to years 2 & 3.
Burial Ground Charges Clerk presented proposal to increase charges by circa 3%, revised schedule attached. Proposal accepted unanimously.

Market Cross Wall, Clerk & Cllr A. Parker having reviewed the transfer document (TP1) it was apparent that the Parish Council is only responsible for a section of the wall alongside the highway. It was agreed that Cllr A. Parker would discuss the issue with the Director of the Church Farm Management Company.

Clarks Leaze Play area discussion deferred to February meeting.
B4039 – Drovers Green there will be traffic lights 10th – 14th January 202 whist Wessex Water undertake water connection works.

No issues raised.
Post Meeting Note: The Parish Council learnt that Mr. Ralph Miles who served on the Parish Council for nearly twenty years passed away recently. Councillors send their condolences to the family.

Meeting Closed 21:00
Next meeting: Monday 7th February 2021 – The Barn at The Bell Inn