Yatton Keynell Parish Council

Monday 4th May 2020 – Virtual Meeting
Present: Cllr A Parker (Chair), Cllr M Crookall, Cllr C Grainger,
Cllr. F. Plowman, Cllr M Pope Cllr D Towl, Cllr M Woodcock & Ian Plowman (Clerk)
The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) came in to force on 4 April. The 2020 Regulations enable local councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing) until 7th May 2021.

The Parish Council wish to express their thanks on behalf of the village to Manda & Verity Green and the staff in the village shop for their hard work serving and delivering groceries to the community, to Will Lawton and his group of helpers – YK SOS for helping the vulnerable members of the community.
The following issues had been emailed to the Clerk,
Concern expressed about the proposed rental agreement between the YKRA & Bybrook Benefice regarding the Read Room at the Village Hall. It was noted that the Parish Council had a discussion with the YKRA at the February meeting where the Parish Council adopted a neutral position. Should residents have an opinion on this matter this should be communicated directly to the YKRA.
Concern has been expressed at the state of the fence and garden of 27 The Maltings, this had previously been raised at the March meeting and the Clerk has communicated with the property owners. The fence will be replaced as part of the current building restoration following the fire at the property in 2019.

None declared

Cllr M Green & Cllr S Richards.
Cllr S Richards has been granted an indefinite sabbatical to enable her to serve the NHS in her professional career at the RUH Bath.

Whilst “the 2020 Regulations” remove the need for an annual meeting there remains some documents that need to be approved.
Minutes of the AGM – 13th May 2019 AGM – Approved – to be signed remotely By: Cllr A Parker
Annual Governance Statement – Approved – to be signed remotely By: Cllr A Parker
Accounting Statements 2019/20 – Approved – to be signed remotely By: Cllr A Parker & Responsible Financial Officer – Ian Plowman.
Certificate of Exemption – Approved – to be signed remotely By: Cllr A Parker & Responsible Financial Officer – Ian Plowman.

Minutes of the Meetings – 2nd March 2020 – Approved to be signed remotely by: Cllr A Parker.

Ultrafast Broadband – Following extensive lobbying by Cllr Parker Gigaclear/Avonline have withdrawn from the village until after the current restriction are lifted, work will continue in areas of open countryside where there is reduced risk of damage to utilities.
Village Pond – Cllr Towl continues to investigate water flows into the pond.
Grittleton Road pinch point – Cllrs to review and discuss next month the costed proposal, supplied by Highways – Wiltshire council.

The following applications were discussed by email prior to the meeting, due to submission date.
20/01114/LBC – Pond Cottage West Yatton – Replacement Windows – No Objection.
20/01524/CLP – Lorral 1 Sandlea Close – Single Storey Extension & Bulk Pellet Store – No Objection.
The following applications were considered:
20/03128/HRN – Hedge Removal to enable Water Main replacement – Wessex Water – No Objection.
19/01490/FUL – Land to the East of Farrells Field
On 10th March Persimmon submitted a revised application for 32 dwellings. Councillors have discussed the Parish Council’s response which was submitted on April 20th, the Parish Council remain objected to the proposal, the application remains called in for consideration by Planning Committee should the Planning Officer be mindful to approve.
The Chairman updated the meeting on discussions with the applicant, it is expected that there will be a revised scheme submitted during w/c May 11th 2020. The Parish Council support the opinions expressed by Wiltshire Council Urban Design Officer regarding colour of & types of materials, The Landscape Officer regarding the use of Chain Link fencing as opposed to wooden fencing in some public areas.
The Parish Council maintain their position of requiring the road to be adopted by Wiltshire Council, in which case the Parish Council would be prepared to take on the responsibility for grass cutting of the designated public open spaces, provided the applicant makes a suitable contribution to the cost. Should the road not be adopted, the Parish Council’s position is that all areas should be maintained by a Management Company.
Cllr Parker to update Wiltshire Cllr T Sturgis on the Parish Council’s position.
Post Meeting Decision:
Following a further evaluation of the financial risk to the Parish Council (PC) in future years if the PC became responsible for the Public Open Spaces (POS) Councillors agreed that the POS should be the responsibility of a Private Management Company. This was based on the level of additional precept that the PC would collect from the new properties plus any contribution from the developer based on current formula would not offset the financial risk of maintaining the site in future years. Decision was conveyed to the developer by Cllr Parker.

Clerk informed the meeting that Wiltshire Council had been contacted to request that litter bins be emptied and grass verges are cut.
Weed treatment, due to the Covid 19 situation the Parish Steward doesn’t have the necessary PPE to carry out weed treatment in the Parish.
Two payments were authorised by email during April:
I J Plowman – Cheque No. 101169£236.70 – Salary March

J Bruce Scott – Cheque No. 101170 – £386.58
Village maintenance

Two payments were authorised, cheques to be signed by signatories post the meeting:
I J Plowman – Cheque No. 101171 £236.70 – Salary April

Came & Company – Cheque No. 101172
£372.34 – Insurance renewal

Cllr Towl – expressed concern at the poor state of repair of the pavement between the Old Rectory & The Bell Inn – Clerk will photograph and report to Wiltshire Council.
Residents to be reminded of the need to cut back vegetation where it is over hanging the pavement.
Long Dean it was noted that the road width is restricted by overhanging vegetation in places, which will be identified and landowners contacted.

Meeting Closed 20:45
Next meeting: Monday 1st June 2020