Yatton Keynell Parish Council
Monday 3rd February 2020

Present: Cllr A Parker (Chair), Cllr M Crookall, Cllr C Grainger, Cllr M Green, Cllr. F. Plowman, Cllr M Pope, Cllr S Richards Cllr D Towl, Cllr M Woodcock
& Ian Plowman (Clerk)
Also Present: 7 Members of the public

Resident reported that street light in The Maltings not working, Clerk to report.

None declared.

None required.

Minutes of the Meetings – 6th January 2020 – Signed By: Cllr A Parker.

Agreed to purchase heated cabinet for defibrillator to be placed on outside of the village hall. YKRA will organise the fitting of cabinet & power supply.
Village Pond – agreed to establish working party in the spring. Cllr D Towl agreed to seek advice and to discuss the drainage of the surrounding land with land owners, as there was concern at the relatively low water level despite the very wet weather.

There is currently a balance of £6,697 remaining in the fund which had been reserved for future refurbishment of the Clarks Leaze play area, which would take place when other funding is available.
As there had been widespread rumours circulating in the village concerning the future use of the Village Hall the Parish Council invited the YKRA Committee to attend the meeting to discuss the current refurbishment programme and future uses of the hall. It was explained that the current refurbishment – relocation of & modernisation of the toilet facilities and creation of the Read Room were part funded by the Community Benefit Fund (£12.5k) and Wiltshire Council Chippenham Area Board (£10k) against total project expenditure to the present stage of completion had been in the region of £34k and a further £10 – 15k is required to complete the Read Room.
It was explained that the conventional funding model of relying on normal hall booking fees would not generate sufficient income on a regular basis to generate the revenue YKRA perceived as necessary to cover all their potential liabilities.
Given the future funding requirements to maintain the hall, play area & playing field the YKRA are therefore considering an agreement with a third party to lease the Read Room on an exclusive basis in return for the completion of the room (offset by a rent free period) and a future guaranteed future income stream. It was stressed that no commitments had been entered into and that the possibility was at an exploratory stage.
YKRA were reminded that the CBF and Area Board funding had been granted on the premise that ‘it was YKRA’s intention to provide facilities for the whole Parish community….’ YKRA were dismissive of this and felt that the any such undertakings had been eroded with the passage of time. The Parish Council held to the view and that effectively disposing of part of the building by virtue of granting a long lease (ie 5 years or longer) is incompatible with the basis on which the monies were originally granted and may require planning permission dependent upon the intended use by a third party.
Nevertheless, the Parish Council recognises that if in the fullness of time, should the wider community understand and accept the position this approach may well prove necessary. The Parish Council offered to consider providing alternative funds to YKRA, should a request be made, to complete the Read Room in the future when they were in receipt of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) from the proposed housing developments in the village. YKRA stated that whilst this would complete the Read Room, there was no guarantee that the occasional hiring’s would generate sufficient income going forward.
No conclusion was reached but the Parish Council remains neutral.
Speed Indicator Device (SID) as a nearby Parish had recently purchased one, Councillors agreed to investigate the possible purchase of one for use in the village. The cost of units has reduced in recent years, now circa £2k, at least one volunteer would be needed to be trained in operating at height and on the public highway to install & relocate such equipment.

Agreed unanimously to submit objection to the proposal to extend the Chippenham boundary to west of A350 to take in the Rugby Club.

Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan (WHSA), HM Government Planning Inspector has published his report and has found the plan to legally sound, plan will be taken to Wiltshire Council Cabinet & Full Council for adoption during February.
It was noted that the site east of Farrells Field the Inspector recommended:
There should be a new entrance from B4039, with no vehicle access from Farrells Field.
Hedgerows should be maintained to protect the rural setting, this is contrary to the Wiltshire Council Urban Designer Officer when reviewing the initial planning application.
The developer must present plans for drainage both on & off the site.
The track between the School & Blacksmith Close has been removed from the scheme.
Street naming the developers (Princeton Homes) of the former Garage site – Grittleton Road have asked that the PC consider a name for the development. Preferred names were either Phillips Grove or Phillips Court, proposal to be discussed with Mr Phillips prior to submission. (Post the meeting Mr & Mrs Phillips proposed the name Phillips Grove which has been submitted to Princeton Homes).

Ultrafast Broadband – Gigalclear are distributing letters to the village stating that work will start shortly. Clerk & Chair meeting with Gigaclear representative on 7th February to discuss the plans. Gigaclear will be organising a drop in session for residents at a future date.
Best Kept Village Competition – unanimously agreed not to enter the competition this year due to upcoming Gigaclear works.
Chippenham Area Board CATG review – unanimously agreed not to submit any comments.
Pensioners Christmas Lunch it was agreed to review the funding of future events at a future meeting.
Payments Authorised:
Wiltshire Council – £322.25 – CATG Contribution Road Signs Kents Bottom & Tiddleywink – Cheque No. 101164 The Bell Inn – £420 – Pensioners Christmas Lunch – Cheque No. 101165

No issues raised.

Meeting Closed 20:50
Next meeting: Monday 2nd March 2020