Yatton Keynell Parish Council
Monday 2nd NOVEMBER 2020

Present: Cllr A Parker (Chair), Cllr C Grainger, Cllr M Green, Cllr. F. Plowman, Cllr M Pope, Cllr S Richards, Cllr D Towl, Cllr M Woodcock & Ian Plowman (Clerk).
The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) came in to force on 4 April. The 2020 Regulations enable local councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing) until 7th May 2021.

Four members of the public attended. Resident from Sevington informed the PC of his opposition to the proposed solar farm between Sevington & Leigh Delamere on the basis of size & loss of agricultural land and asked for the support of the PC – See item 6 Planning.
Resident of Yatton Keynell requested that the drains on The Street between The Bell Inn & Landau House are cleared and the Pavement repaired. Parish Steward to be asked to clear the gullies. Pavement has previously been reported to Wiltshire Council.
Resident of Yatton Keynell attended to answer any questions with regards to planning application 20/08850/FUL – see Item 6 below.

2.REGISTER OF INTERESTS – Cllr Pope – Finance (Payment to PCC Yatton Keynell)


Minutes of the Meetings – 5th October 2020 – Signed by: Cllr A. Parker

Metro Counts – Wiltshire Council have installed 3 counting strips in the village on 31st October for a period of 14 days to monitor vehicle speed.
Litter bin replacement bin outside the village shop has been delivered,
Replacement of stiles to gates – two gates will be delivered 6th November, however, the Cotswold Wardens work has been suspended due to COVID situation. Gates to be placed in Grove Lane (YK10) and at the junction of YK 9, 10 & 12.
Cllr Towl updated councilors on the application of a Caring for the Cotswold grant to improve the village pond, as application closing date is before the next PC meeting application to be circulated for review.

By Brook Valley School have agreed that Year 5 & 6 will be involved in the future stewardship of the pond.

20/08479/TCA – Tree work – The Old Rectory – No Objection.
20/08850/FUL – Single story extension – 9 Blacksmith Close – No Objection to the principal of the extension, however, the PC note that with the removal of the existing garage there will be a loss of a parking space. The PC understand that this is the subject of discussion between the applicant and the planning officer.
Proposed Solar Farm between Sevington & Leigh Delamere, the Clerk outlined the proposal and reported that both he & Cllr Parker attended a presentation at Grittleton Village Hall. Councillors agreed that the Parish Councils effected by the proposal should work together when a planning application is submitted.
Clerk reported that Grittleton Parish Council had written to Wiltshire Council requesting that there should be a policy on future solar farms, given the large number already constructed in Wiltshire noting that current planning policy only permits applications to be considered on an individual basis. Councillors agreed to also write to Wiltshire Council requesting a change of planning policy given the recent government policy announcement to favour offshore wind, to consider the cumulative effect of solar farms on the Wiltshire landscape and to favour brownfield sites and distribution hubs over agricultural land for solar farms.

Four payments were authorized, cheques to be circulated for signature:
I J Plowman – Clerk Salary October & back pay – £291.78 – Cheque No. 101188

I J Plowman – Litter Bin – £213.60 (incl VAT £35.60) – Cheque No. 101189
J C Bruce Scott – Village Maintenance October – £478.38 – Cheque No. 101190

PCC Yatton Keynell – Grant to improve village amenity – £1,000 – Cheque No. 101191

Payment to PCC Yatton Keynell, Cllr Parker to have discussion with PCC Yatton Keynell followed by a letter explaining that the work so far undertaken was not that, which the PC agreed to contribute towards to improve the amenity of the village – see letter of 3rd June 2020, however as the repairs undertaken have improved the village amenity it was agreed to make the payment in the interest of goodwill, noting that there would be no further contribution to the listed projects.

Cllr Parker reported that Castle Combe Race Circuit will be closed for the duration of National Lockdown, with the exception of two days filming (w/c 9th November), and the continued operation of the mail order business and the college facility.
Clerk to write to Hunters Moon Care Home requesting that the overhanging vegetation is cut back and the leaves and crushed fruit cleared from the pavement as they are a safety hazard.

Meeting Closed 20:10
Next virtual meeting: Monday 7th December 2020