Vintage BikeHaving got my MB all steel bike ready some months ago, I have realised that after the last few weeks of enforced idleness, I am in no state to ride tonight’s Steel is Real TT. It seems a shame to waste the build up and after reading an article on the L’Eroica Britannia I would like to suggest a get together of those interested in classic machines.

Tim and Nick have recently been to France, to ride a similar event and I know of one or two who have their original bike ( or maybe their Dads’) that would love an excuse for an airing.

So I suggest gathering at Yatton Keynell on the last Saturday in September ( 27th ) at 2 pm. Meet in the Market Cross area opposite the pub for a short ride round the lanes – I have heard that some bikes are not likely to get far. We can then pause at the pub and explore the finer points of each other’s machines.

We don’ t  need to be too strict on machine specification, but perhaps aim for pre 1990 ( so 25 years old ) with exposed brake cables as a start. Toe clips and cotter pins could come later!

Please get in touch if you are interested in meeting up.

John Else