Summer services at Grittleton Chapel:

Sunday 19th June, 2.30, Service with Pastor Tony  Newnham who will also play the harmonium!

Sunday 17th July, 2.30, Service led by Pastor Jonathan Hunt.

Saturday, 6th August  7.00pm  Songs of Praise Evening led by Pastor Andrew Jones of Yarnbrook Chapel.

Sunday 21st August, 2.30, Service with Rev Thomas Yates of St Maryport, Devizes.

Sunday,18th September, 2.30,Service with Rev Thomas Yates, Maryport Street Baptist Chapel, Devizes.

Saturday,10th September,  Heritage Open Days 1.00 – 4-00m,

Saturday 10th September,  6.00pm,  Baptists of North Wiltshire – a talk by Dr. Robert Oliver of Bradford on Avon.

Saturday 1st October 2.30pm   Victorian Harvest Festival led by Pastor Jonathan Hunt of Morton Baptist Church, Thornbury.