31 May 2024

Constituency changes

There have been boundary changes since the last general election in 2019. The constituency some people vote has changed since the Parliamentary Boundary Review, which comes into force for this election. Wiltshire is made up of five Parliamentary constituencies:
East Wiltshire
Melksham and Devizes
South West Wiltshire
The new South Cotswold constituency is administered by Cotswold District Council. The constituency includes the following electoral divisions of Wiltshire – Brinkworth; By Brook; Cricklade & Latton; Kington; Malmesbury; Minety; Purton; Sherston

Residents in those areas who vote by post will receive their postal vote from Cotswold District Council so it will look different from their usual Wiltshire Council postal vote pack. They will also have to go to Cirencester should they require a replacement postal vote.


We need to recruit over 1,200 staff to support with the general election and this is always a huge challenge but know it could be even more challenging at this time of year, given some people will likely have pre-booked annual leave.

Please could you encourage residents to sign up to work to support the running of the general election Working at an election – Wiltshire Council. We are currently working through emails of people who have expressed an interest so anyone who gets in touch might not hear back from us straight away.

Traditionally we tend to struggle to recruit staff in the south and east of Wiltshire, and some areas in the north of the county, so we’d really appreciate it if you’re based in those areas in particular to share the message. Thank you for your support.

Management of council business and publicity during the pre-election period

Please find attached Briefing Note 24-11 which provides some guidance for the pre-election period for the upcoming general election as we thought it would be helpful to remind all councillors of the roles and responsibilities for those involved in elections.

During this time, if you have any general queries about electoral matters, please can these be directed to Perry Holmes perry.holmes@wiltshire.gov.uk or Terence Herbert terence.herbert@wiltshire.gov.uk in the first instance rather than the elections team.

If you wish to raise any concerns about campaign literature or materials on display across Wiltshire, you should contact Wilshire Police on 101 for the attention of the Election Fraud Department

You can also report any concerns about campaign materials displayed on council land via the My Wilts app and they will be dealt with following our usual process MyWilts online reporting – Wiltshire Council.

Registering to vote

Your support is welcomed to encourage people to register to vote if they’re not already. Here are the key deadlines to ensure people can have their say on election day. The below has been written in the first person for ease of copy/pasting and sharing on your own platforms.
• You have until 18 June to register to vote if you’re not already
• You have until 5pm on 19 June to apply for a postal vote (postal vote packs sent out around 10 days before polling day)
• have until 5pm on 26 June to apply for a proxy vote (for someone to vote on your behalf)
• You have until 5pm on 26 June If you want to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (if you don’t have photo ID)
You need to show photo ID to vote at polling stations for the general election.

Accepted forms of photo ID include passports, photographic driving licences, biometric immigration documents, and certain concessionary travel passes.

More information

If you want more information about the general election, please visit https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/general-election.