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Wiltshire Council, County Hall
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18th September 2017

Dear Sir

Draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan, SLHAA Site Reference – 482 Land East of Farrells Field, Yatton Keynell

Having consulted the residents of the Parish and discussed the proposals with Baroness Jane Scott of Bybrook, Yatton Keynell Parish Council (YKPC) has the following comments on the inclusion of this site in the draft Housing Site Allocations Plan.


This site has a history of planning applications for commercial usage and currently, a beneficial interest is registered at HM Land Registry in the name of Charles Church Developments Limited.

We considered the potential benefits that might accrue to the local economy from this development and we have discussed the proposal with representatives from the school governors and the GP practice. Both have indicated they would benefit from a manageable increase in numbers and It is therefore concluded that the development of this site with up to 30 houses will serve to maintain local commerce and services.

YKPC is aware that many residents of Farrells Field object to the inclusion of site 482 in the SLHAA. We understand their concerns and agree that the issues they have raised will need to be fully addressed in the event that Planning Permission for a development is submitted. However, at this stage in the process, YKPC has no compelling objection to the principle of site 482 being included in the SLHAA

Sustainability Appraisal

We consider that the Sustainability Appraisal may have understated the adverse effects associated with this site. Two have been included; the need to reinforce the local water network and the problems associated with surface water drainage. Both are rated as moderate. YKPC believes that the known surface water drainage problems in this area could pose a greater problem than is being suggested. In particular, should a SuDs system be contemplated, its long term management and associated cost would need to be considered. YKPC wishes to record that any detailed plans that are submitted for this site in the future must include a rigorous appraisal of these issues together with robust plans for the installation and management of any necessary amelioration schemes.


It is also our view, in the light of recent experience in the village, that the sewage system would need to be enhanced. Notwithstanding that a pumped system may be required for the development itself, we doubt that there is sufficient capacity in the current system to cope with an additional 30 dwellings. Again we would look to see that a proper appraisal of sewer capacity is conducted and any recommendations for improvement implemented.

We also note that two options have been set out for vehicular access; one directly from the B4039 and the alternative through Farrells Field. YKPC strongly prefers the creation of a new access directly from the B4039. In this regard, the Chairman spoke to Baroness Scott of Bybrook on 24 August 2017 and she too supported this option and agreed to notify officials accordingly. At the meeting of YKPC on 4 September 2017 she confirmed that this had been done.

Wiltshire Council had no objection to such access when a previous application for a commercial development was lodged, (N/10/3160), and an email from the Development Control Engineer, Sustainable Development dated 31 August 2010 records that he simply wished to be consulted over the visibility splay.

Both the Baroness Scott and the Chairman acknowledged that pedestrian access through Farrells Field might be beneficial as this would aid the partial separation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

We therefore request that the draft SLHAA is amended to state that the preferred vehicular access to any new development is to be directly from the B4039. We would also wish to put on record that YKPC will object to any detailed plans that do not include provision for vehicular access directly from the B4039.

It should also be noted that according to Wiltshire Council’s records, the track that runs from the B4039 between Blacksmith Close and the By Brook Valley Primary School does not appear to be a public right of way. YKPC recommends that this is regularised as by long standing custom this track is used as such. In addition the draft SHLAA describes site 157 as partially completed or committed. This site is Blacksmith Close and was completed as long ago as 2007. It might be appropriate to amend the record accordingly.

Yours faithfully

Ian J Plowman
Clerk to Yatton Keynell Parish Council