The Parish Council have responded to a myriad of planning applications of the last twelve months with success in some of the more contentious areas, but defeats in others.

The planning appeal for the Countrywide site was upheld with planning for housing granted, but this has not so far been acted upon with no known date for the work to commence. The planning appeal for recycling at the Greenacre Farm was rejected as being outside the development plan.

The Parish Council has been represented at the NWDC Development and Control meetings and have expressed their views when appropriate.


We re currently solvent with funds set aside to complete any works that arise out of the deliberations on the safety of the play are, which has had most of the equipment installed.

The completion of the street lighting mortgage will now allow any other small projects that arise to be now considered within the existing precept. Details for additional lighting along the hall footpath have been requested. No increase in Precept was requested.

Model code of conduct

The model code of conduct had now been adopted by the Parish Council with individual Councillors making their own decision on completing the declaration.

Transport issues

After onsite meetings with NWDC and Wiltshire Police some action is starting with Biddestone crossroads being addressed, whilst we still await proposals for other areas discussed.

Chris Dash, Chairman YKPC