The IT Guy

I’m the IT Guy and I used to be a ‘normal’ computer support engineer. But then I listened to what my customers wanted.

They wanted to be able to call me whenever it suited them, they wanted their staff to be able to call me knowing that they weren’t spending extra money and they wanted their computers to be the same as their other office equipment – reliable, easy to understand and cost effective.

Once I had listened, I acted. I put together the most state of the art tools available – enabling me to work efficiently, so my clients can do the same.
I talked to my clients in language that they could understand, and they liked what I had to say.

So I decided to make the service available to anybody who wants clear, transparent, efficient, reliable computer support.
I bring my Microsoft Certification with me, my 10 years of pc experience and expertise and my commitment to making sure my clients spend their time on their business, whilst I look after their computers.

I am the IT Guy. Would you like to meet me?