Handmade Cider Company

Handmade Cider produce fermented beverages from the orchards, hedgerows and hives of Britain. My main product is cider but I also delight in the complexity of flavour that can be derived from honey, elderberry, damson…

I don’t profess to be an expert in the field, although with 35 years experience of the sacred process of fermentation I have drawn some conclusions and learned a few lessons.

I believe that if you want to produce a first quality product it takes time, attention to detail and a caring hand. At Handmade Cider there are no distractions – my focus is dedicated to my fermentations and nurturing them to a standard that is acceptable to my fussy palette and hopefully yours too.

Denis France, Proprietor


Handmade Cider Company


Handmade Cider Co Ltd
Slaughterford Mill
SN14 8RJ

07590 264 804