Yatton Keynell Parish Council

The Council means Yatton Keynell Parish Council. The Clerk means the Clerk of Yatton Keynell Parish Council.
A purchased grave means any grave/cremated remains plot in respect of which a Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial for 99 years has been issued by the Council.
A Parishioner is a person who is either, a resident of the Parish of Yatton Keynell or owned land or property in the Parish immediately before their death or who previously reserved an Exclusive Right of Burial. A Parishioner shall, at the Parish Council’s discretion, include a person who for a significant part of their lives was a Parishioner but who was obliged to live elsewhere shortly before their death (ie in a care home or with a relative outside the Parish).
The burial of the body or the interment of the ashes of a Parishioner’s stillborn child born before the 24th week of pregnancy will be free of charge. Fees will be applicable from 24th week of pregnancy however the fees incurred for those under the age of 18 years the Parish Council will recover from the Children’s Funeral Fund for England.
In the context of these regulations, an approved agent may include a recognised funeral director or stonemason.
1. Graves will need to be consecrated at the time of burial.

2. Interments, including cremated remains/stillbirths may take place with or without the services of a minister of religion.

3. Before burial can take place the applicant or approved agent shall give notice to the clerk in the prescribed form accompanied by the certificate for disposal issued by a Registrar of Births and Deaths, or an order for burial issued by a Coroner or Crematorium Certificate in the case of cremated remains.

4. A grave may be reopened only for the purpose of a subsequent approved burial or by order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

5. Graves for one interment shall be dug 4’6” (1.37m) deep. Graves for two interments shall be 6’0” (1.8m) deep. A minimum of 6” (152mm) of earth shall be left between each coffin.
All grave plots are 10’ x 5’ (3 x 1.5 m) centred. Plots for cremated remains are 2’ x 2’ (600mm x 600mm) centred.

6. Cremated remains may not be disposed of on the surface of any grave, or elsewhere in the burial ground.

7. The applicant or approved agent shall be responsible for the excavation or reopening of any grave and for removing surplus soil.

8. For successive interments within the same grave, headstones shall be removed by and at the expenses of the person requiring such removals and replaced by that person at his or her expense as soon as is practicable after the interment. In the event that headstones are not replaced within 12 calendar months of the interment, the council shall have the power to arrange for this to be done at the expense of the person requiring the removal, or of his or her legal representative or attorney or estate executor in the event of a deceasement.

9. Any damage to any boundary, headstone or any other structure, or any other damage whatsoever caused during the construction of any grave or during the erection, removal or replacement of any structure shall be repaired by, and at the expense of, either the person causing the damage, or his or her agent or formally appointed representative.

10. Coffins of traditional wood, willow, wicker, sea grass and other eco-friendly materials only may be used in earthen graves and all bodies must be totally enclosed in coffins at the time of the burial.

11. Unless payment is made through an approved agent, all fees and payments must be made before any interment or the installation of any memorial, vase or tablet.

12. All memorials, tablets and vases must be within the stated minimum and maximum sizes, and be installed to the Council’s satisfaction in the prescribed position.

13.The memorial mason is to be responsible for the level, firmness and satisfactory workmanship of the memorial for the period of 12 months from the installation.

14. Headstones with bases (with or without flower vases) may be erected provided that they comply with these regulations and are sited according to instructions given by the Parish Council.

15. A memorial for a burial shall consist of a headstone to the following measurements:
i. maximum height of 3’0” from ground level (900mm) minimum height of 1’6” from ground level (450mm) width not exceeding 2’0” (600mm) maximum thickness of 6” (150mm) and a minimum thickness of 3” ( 75mm) If a plinth is used the maximum size should be 75x600x300mm;

ii. headstones are to be securely fixed to their respective bases. Vases may be incorporated within the limits above but must be either part of, or securely fixed to the headstone. Where no headstone is erected, permission should be sought from the Parish Council for the installation of a stone flower vase;

iii. kerbs are not permitted;

iv. in order to allow the ground to settle, headstones may not be erected (or re-erected) until six months after the burial (or any subsequent burial)

16. A memorial for cremated remains shall be of natural quarried stone, with non-reflecting finish 18” x 18” (450mm x 450mm) inset in the ground. If flowers are to be placed on the ashes plot, then a vase must be incorporated into the memorial. Headstones are not permitted

17. Inscriptions must be simple and reverent and they should be incised or in relief and may be painted. Additional inscriptions also require written approval. If a ceramic photo plaque is desired, this should not exceed 9cm x 12cm and the frame should not be ornate. Candle lanterns are not allowed.

18. Floral arrangements should have plastic wrappings removed. All dead flowers, wreaths, weeds, rubbish or other unsightly items shall be removed as soon as possible from graves and placed in the waste bins provided. Non bio degradable items are not permitted.

19. Under no circumstances will the Council be liable for any damage /loss/ desecration to any memorial or grave space or plot however caused, including vandalism, unless such damage etc. was caused by a person in the direct employment of the Council and in connection with his/her duties.

20. Dogs are not allowed to roam freely in the burial ground.

By Order of Yatton Keynell Parish Council
June 2023