What’s on at the Village Hall?

The hall hosts three fitness groups, three youth groups, the village Table Tennis team and Bybrook Preschool, before and after school club and toddler group.

Here’s the full diary:

ActivityDay & TimeContact Details
Bybrook PreschoolMonday - Friday 8pm - 5pm plus holiday clubswww.bybrookpreschool.co.uk
Yatton Keynell Table Tennis ClubMonday 6:30pm - 10pm / Thursday 7:30pm - 10:30pm[email protected]
Yatton Keynell BrowniesWednesday 6:15pm - 7:45pm[email protected]
Yatton Keynell Youth ClubWednesday 8pm - 10:30pmAlan Brinkworth – 01249 782647
Yatton Keynell RainbowsThursday 6pm - 7pmRuth Williams - [email protected]
Simon Says FitnessTuesday 7pm - 8pm [email protected]
Ballroom DancingFriday 6pm - 10pmClaire Morgan - [email protected]
Yatton Keynell Parish CouncilFirst Monday of each monthwww.yattonkeynell.com/parish-council/

Don’t forget, village residents can hire the hall at reduced rates.