Village Hall Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy

Yatton Keynell Recreation Association (YKRA) provides Wi-Fi internet access for legitimate users of the Village Hall. Such users include:

  • Regular hirers and user groups
  • Casual hirers
  • Committee members
  • Other users provided with access details from time to time by the Committee

By connecting to the Wi-Fi network you are deemed to have agreed to adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy.

You agree:

  • Not to distribute spam content, malware or any other files that harm the integrity, security and confidentiality of any data belonging to any organisation or individual
  • Not to access any illegal or harmful website
  • Not to access any content or website which is defamatory, threatening, offensive or intimidating
  • Not to access pornographic or other obscene, profane or abusive content
  • Not to access or download any illegal or harmful content that compromises the integrity, security and confidentiality of any data belonging to any organisation or individual
  • Not to use the network for any illegal activity
  • Not to share the access credentials for the network with any other individual or third party
  • Not to download more than 20Gb of data in any 24-hour period without prior consent
  • To report any faults to the Committee as soon as practicable
  • Not to interfere with, adjust, disconnect or reset any of the network hardware unless instructed to do so by the Committee for troubleshooting purposes
  • Only to access the network using a device with an up-to-date version of its operating system and adequate anti-virus protection
  • That the protection of your devices from viruses or other malicious material is your responsibility and that YKRA will not be responsible for any damage to your devices caused by connecting to the network
  • That usage of the network may be monitored for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the acceptable use policy or managing the availability or performance of the network, hardware and connectivity
  • That YKRA accept no responsibility for your usage of the network or any services you connect to via it and that you are solely responsible for such usage and any implications arising from it

If you do not agree with any or all of the terms of the acceptable usage policy, your sole remedy is to disconnect from it and cease usage of it.