25th Anniversary Party

Yatton Keynell Village Hall was built in 1988, so it seemed fitting to celebrate its 25th anniversary with an 80s night, which was held on 12th October. The development of Jubilee Field and the hall was a real community effort involving negotiation with the MOD, demolition of the large block houses on the site and design and construction of the hall itself.

In subsequent years the site benefited from extensive planting and, in 2009, the construction of the new playground, once again with villagers involved in both planning and building work, so it was great to see so many people who worked on those projects at the party.

A few words of thanks – firstly to the YKRA “party team” of Natalie Jones, Ian Todd, Alan Brinkworth, Tony Read and Jennie Hughes. Next, to Sue Sunderland, Fiona Brunger, Vicky Brunger and the team of volunteers from the Youth Club for organising activities for the youngsters; the bar team of Kev Jones, Steve Newman and Cliff Hughes; Nick Parsons for helping set up and clear away; FOBBVS for the loan of the marquee; David Read for supplying both pig and cooking contraption; Barb Maddock for the delicious apple sauce, and a particular thanks to Ian Banister and Stephen Slade who cooked and served up a fabulous hog roast, ably assisted by Pam Rawlins and Kathy Hutton.

And a big thank you to our sponsors whose generosity made the event possible – Mark Adams at The IT Guy, Kev Jones at Connect Computers, Mark Hayward at The Bell Inn and Jonathan Philpott at By Brook Benefice.