Kaya Drums

Kaya Drums Session

The sound of drumming filled the village hall recently, as Yatton Keynell Under 5s welcomed the Alex Miles and his Kaya Drums. Alex specialises in encouraging children to combine music, rhythm and musical ideas with the cultures of Africa and South America, and bought a number of his interesting and unique drums to show the children. After a brief demonstration and discussion on sound and rhythms, the preschoolers were up and experimenting with playing the drums. With Alex’s expert guidance and after a bit of practise all the children we completely absorbed in the drums and became experts in keeping in time with the beat by the end of the session!

Enjoying our new garden

Despite the wet weather, there’s also no stopping the U5s when it comes to being outside, and the new garden is looking a lot greener as the recently planted seeds are starting to grow. It’s an exciting time for the children to see how the potatoes, onions and peas are growing and developing as the weeks go by, although it will be a while yet before there are vegetables to harvest. In the meantime however, the herbs are now ripe for picking, and are providing the opportunity for the children to learn about the different smells and tastes, with plans to incorporate the herbs in baking in the upcoming weeks.

Extended hours

As the end of the academic year draws near, the Under 5s have no intention of slowing down – before and after preschool sessions (8.15 – 9.00 and 3pm – 4pm) are becoming more popular with parents looking for extended hours, whilst there is a whole host of Summer activities coming up, including an Olympic themed sports day and celebrations around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Get pampered!

Finally, for those Mum’s looking for some relaxation and retail therapy, Under 5’s is holding a Shopping and Pamper evening on 22 June in the Yatton Keynell Village Hall, 7.30pm onwards. It’s the perfect opportunity to shop for jewellery, home gifts, cards and lots more, whilst having a manicure or massage – all with a glass of wine or Pimms!