As confirmed by our slightly famous milestone, Yatton Keynell lies 97 miles from Hyde Park Corner, London, on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Mentioned in the Domesday book, Sir William Keynell gave the village its modern name in the 13th Century when he built St. Margaret’s Church, whilst John Aubrey Close takes its name from the antiquary and writer known for his work on Stonehenge and Avebury, locations only marginally more visitworthy than Yatton Keynell itself.

We’re proud of our school, pub, Post Office and Market Cross, the latter being the only example to be built in Wiltshire for centuries. This is not, though, the extent of our amenities, local groups and businesses, all of which make Yatton Keynell a sought-after location.

Whether you’re planning a visit, looking to relocate or simply searching for references to our tiny neighbour Tiddleywink; welcome to our website and to our village. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Latest News

Parish Steward – Letter to Cllr Bridget Wayman

  Dear Cllr Wayman, Paris Steward Scheme At our recent Parish council meeting we discussed the revitalised Parish Steward scheme and wish to say how satisfied we are with the excellent service that is now being provided. The Parish Stewards, as you know, were only been revived about 18 months ago but in that time general environment around the Parish has improved markedly thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Steward. The Parish Steward is one of the few public faces of Wiltshire Council in a rural community and many residents are pleased to see him around the Parish, hard at work and making such a valued contribution to the community. This reintroduction has been a great success of which Wiltshire Council can justifiably be proud and long may it continue. Yours sincerely     Ian J Plowman Clerk to Yatton Keynell Parish Council cc Cllr Baroness J Scott of By Brook... read more

Parish Council Meeting – Minutes 8th January 2018

Yatton Keynell Parish Council MINUTES OF A FULL MEETING OF YATTON KEYNELL PARISH COUNCIL Monday 8th January 2018 Present: Cllr A Parker (Chair), Cllr. M Crookall, Cllr. C. Grainger, Cllr. M Green, Cllr S Hayward, Cllr. F. Plowman, Cllr R Whittaker and Ian Plowman (Clerk) Apologies: Cllr K Jones, Cllr Baroness J Scott of By Brook OBE Also Present: 3 Members of the public 1. PUBLIC GALLERY Resident from Grove Lane informed the Parish Council of their objection to planning application 17/11764/FUL. Concerns were also raised about parked vehicles around the junction of Grove Lane & Grittleton Road 2. REGISTER OF INTERESTS None to declare 3. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllr k Jones & Cllr Baroness J Scott of By Brook OBE 4. MINUTES OF THE LAST PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Meetings – 4th December 2017 Signed By: Cllr A Parker 5. REGISTER OF ACTION Track between Blacksmith Close & By Brook School, application to create public right of way to be progressed. Churchyard Status investigations are still continuing into the status of the Churchyard. Roselea Cottage – Enforcement Officer not pursing further action. Village Hall refurbishment – update to be requested. 6. PLANNING 17/11764/FUL – Demolish of existing wood garage and replace with new – Hedgerows Grove Lane. Object – Unaminous – The proposed replacement garage will be located closer to the western boundary which is shared with a listed building and be taller than the existing garage. As both properties are within the Yatton Keynell Conservation Area this would fail to preserve the character of the Conservation Area contrary to Core Policy 58 of the Wiltshire Core... read more

Parish Council Meeting – Agenda 5th February 2018

Yatton Keynell Parish Council THE NEXT MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL WILL TAKE PLACE ON MONDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2018 AT 19:00 IN THE VILLAGE HALL Committee Room, YATTON KEYNELL Councillors are reminded of their duty to attend this meeting, and to consider their decisions in the light of the legislation on Discrimination and on Crime and Disorder. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting but may only speak in the 15 minutes set aside for public participation and to bring matters of concern to the attention of the Council. AGENDA 1. PUBLIC GALLERY 2. REGISTER OF INTERESTS 3. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE 4. MINUTES OF PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 8th JANUARY 2018 5. REGISTER OF ACTIONS 6. PLANNING 17/11764/FUL – REVISED Demolish of existing wood garage and replace with new – Hedgerows Grove Lane 17/07683/LBC – Proposed like for like Dormer Windows – Hogsbush Cottage West Yatton 7. CLERK & FINANCE Payments for Authorisation 8. COUNCILLORS QUESTIONS AND ITEMS FOR FUTURE MEETINGS THE NEXT MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE ON MONDAY 5th MARCH 2018 AT 19:00 Future dates for meetings: 9th April – 14th May – 4th June – 2nd July – 6th August – 3rd September – 1st October – 5th November – 3rd December – 7th January – 4th February – 4th... read more

Around the village

Wrong Way Round 2016

Yatton Keynell’s world-famous cycling event is back for 2016 with a choice of 2 routes to suit everyone from the casual cyclist to the fitness fanatic.

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Bybrook Pre-school

Our popular pre-school operates four days a week from the spacious Village Hall, with a toddler group on Fridays.

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Village Hall

The Village Hall is a modern purpose built building opened some 20 years ago which is available for hire for Wedding Receptions, Private Parties, Dances and other events.
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By Brook Valley School

Rated Outstanding by Ofsted, By Brook Valley CE Primary School was built in 1998 when the schools of Biddestone, Nettleton and Burton, Castle Combe and Yatton Keynell joined together.
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The Bell Inn

This 17th Century Inn is situated in the centre of the village close to the Post Office, village shop and 13th Century church.
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St. Margaret's Church

St. Margaret’s is part of the By Brook Benefice, a group of nine rural parishes.
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